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Is Your Metal Door Kinked and Cracked

Many of the metal garage doors that have been installed in the last ten or fifteen yearshave had problems with getting a kink or a small bend in them and then cracking, followedby structural failure and consequently they become very difficult to close. Sometimes this is due to improper installation and/or adjustment of the door opener, and sometimes it was just a cheap door that was not structural enough to support it's own weight in the open position. If the problem was stress caused by the door opener most times this can be repaired just by adding some support braces on the inside of the door and fixing the problems with the installation of the door opener. If it is too far gone tobe able to reinforce, I can usually replace just the sections of the garage door at a considerable savings over the cost of replacing the whole door. The next choice is to replace the whole door, tracks, springs and all, with a new high quality door that will not have the kink and crack problems. Realize that there are options and that the choice of what to do is ultimately yours.

Is Your Wooden Door Rotten

If you have a wooden garage door with a rotten bottom section, most of the sections are still available and can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new door. As long as the parts are available for your specific door I will be more than happy to provide a repair solution for the problem. This is something that I will probably have to see and research in order to provide an accurate quote. Please call.


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